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Rebecca Pasko & Meli Jurado are members of the:


Leash Walking Workshop

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Stop leash pulling now! This workshop will give you the foundation to teach your dog to walk on a loose leash, start teaching the heel position, and be able to start having polite interactions with dogs and other humans. 


The majority of time will be devoted to hands on practice and one on one feedback with our trainers. We will introduce the pros and cons of the most common tools and techniques used to walk dogs and discuss how they relate to dog behavior and dog physiology. 


You will have the opportunity to  find what works best for you and your pup. You will also be coached on how to teach your dog leash pressure, heel, and how to manage dog and human interactions. You will go home with new leash manners, and a plan to have a bright future with no pulling and safe interactions. Let's walk our dogs together!

In this workshop your going to learn how to:

  • Stop leash pulling

  • Teach heel

  • Have safe interactions with dogs and humans

  • Find what works best for your dog

  • Have a plan to continue training 

All dogs are welcome. For aggressive dogs, a muzzle will be required. Any age dog can participate and learn.


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